Previous & Current Research Underpinnings

As a transdisciplinary scholar and researcher, my interests center on the intersections of design, art, culture, and technology as conduits of engagement within the public sphere, complex urban environments/ecosystems, and sociocultural institutions.

I'm working on developing a spatial theory which intersects cultural norms, history, and forms of technology working in tandem to produce space. Knowing space to be a broad term, I'm invested in seeing the urban space as a contemporary frontier into analyzing and understanding the humanist culture(s) within the grand Globalization project.

PhD Dissertation Image.png

Ph.D. Dissertation

Title: The Terrorist, The Tourist, & The Waiter: an analysis of contemporary society within the metropolis as techne.

A conceptual research on the sociopolitical nature of contemporary urban society through the inferences of the impact of modern art, hierarchies within consumption practices and postcolonial globality. Through this work, I investigate the interdependencies which form the set of conditions we know as cities.


MA Thesis

Title: Publicity: the role of art & technology in public space

The research took on an ethnographic approach to determining how technology is used within public space. From this analysis began the theoretical development of a software program which looks to engage and develop a smart city through user aggregation.



  • The Soviet Union's Cold War efforts towards the construction of black identity in postcolonial Africa and the Americas.

  • The Metropolis as techne: an analysis of the sociopolitical nature of contemporary city life (Exhibition)

  • Social, Cultural and Political History of Modern Art

  • Twentieth-century European and Cultural and Demographic Shifts

  • Neo-Colonialism

  • Afro-Soviet Cultural production and art

  • Black Singularity

  • Urban Theory

  • History of Urbanization

  • Architecture Theory

  • Globalization and Hyphenated Identities

  • Technology and the Public Sphere

  • Postcolonial as conduit of PostIndustrial

  • Inclusive Growth

  • From Natural Environments to Engineered Environment